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Reference Electrode Module MKE-1
Reference Electrode Module MKE-1 is designed to control the flame in the combustion chamber of boilers, estuarine and line heaters, stoves, flare ignition sparks, flames or other devices that output a signal to the indicator that shows the presence of a flame or to the execution unit. The principle of measurement of ionization in flames is based on a distortion of the positive and negative half-wave voltage applied to the electrode at a constant current of ionization. The appliance with LED light information shall issue a flame on the burner (red LED) and an indication of the supply voltage (green LED). With the help of an electronic device is converted and input gain. The amplified signal is supplied to a computation, where the determination of the presence or absence of the flame, the unit includes a computing algorithm or disables execution unit - small relays. To relay contacts can be connected to an additional indicator, sound the siren, the valve or actuator controlling the feed of fuel mixture, a relay, etc.

  ::   Advantages of MKE-1
 - The system has a highly reliable space-saving design.
 - The actual life of high sensor type reference electrode, confirmed by long-term operation in the different systems, is more than 15 years.
 - In contrast to optical systems of similar usage does not require preventive maintenance cleaning or replacing the optics.
 - Provides unlimited duration continuous ON state to control the flames.
 - MKE-1 can be incorporated into any of the known systems.

  ::   Technical Characteristics
1. The scheme of inclusion - a single electrode.
2. Electrical power Ч 220V (+10% - 15%), 50-60Hz.
3. Operating temperature Ч -40...+60—.
4. Adjustable delay output relay Ч 0..10s.
5. Sensitivity adjustment Ч 0...1.
6. Line distance to the electrode - no more 50m.
7. Output delayЧ no more 500ms.
8. Output load Ч DC 30V , curent 0,01-0,5ј; AC 110V , curent 0,01-0,2ј.
9. Size: length, width, height Ч 160х20х100mm.
10. Unit weight Ч 0,05 kg.

 Price: 60 euro incl. VAT